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Provisional Projects

Each Provisional (New Member) Class completes a community project as part of their Junior League of Manatee County training. The members vote on the project, budget, solicit in-kind donations, and complete the project as a team. Projects usually involve a renovation or redo of some sort. Examples include the Public Health Departments Children's Waiting Room and the Safe Children Coalition's Meeting Rooms.


2012-2013 New JLMC Members Convert Office into Bedroom at SOLVE Maternity Home 

The 2012-2013 Provisional (New Member) class of The Junior League of Manatee County (JLMC) is excited to announce the completion of their project at the SOLVE house. The women transformed a small office into a bedroom for a pregnant mother and eventually her newborn! 

JLMC Provisional Class 2012-2013Since 1976 SOLVE Maternity Homes has been helping women of all ages and their families with unplanned pregnancies.  SOLVE has assisted over 900 women and their unborn children by providing housing for them. SOLVE offers refuge to any pregnant young woman in need. The staff helps to get the ladies on their feet and on the road to a job or education.

After several months of planning and coordination, the provisionals rolled up their sleeves and spent a full weekend painting, organizing, and assembling furniture.
The provisional class furnished the room with a new bed, dresser, and night table, plus a bassinette for the baby. After a few gallons of paint. some touch-ups, and some furniture-building, what was once an office transformed into a cheery, sky-blue bedroom.
With finishing touches like cozy sheets and a soft bedspread, this room will be a great place to accommodate a young woman during and shortly after her pregnancy.
The provisional class was very fortunate to have donations from Premier OB/GYN of Manatee and OB/GYN Women's Centre of Lakewood Ranch, as well as a great furniture donation from Bradenton resident Ruth Lyerly. 

This room renovation will allow the staff of SOLVE house the opportunity to assist one more woman who otherwise would not have this great support system available to her. The provisional class is proud to have completed this task to help to improve the lives of young women and their newborns.

 2012-2013 JLMC Provisional Class at SOLVE Maternity Homes

2012 Spring Class - Group Home for Foster Kids Patio/Pool Area Renovation

By Charlene Mann

Early on as Spring 2012 Provisionals, we learned about the local girl's group home and the beautification project that was going on with "Done in a Day," and the 'Teen Nights' Committee and we were all intrigued as to how we could incorporate our Provisional Project to assist in the effort.

As a group, we toured the home and considered piggy-backing off of "Done in a Day." Our initial thought was that we could help add manpower and our Provisional Project budget to the project at hand but quickly realized that the "Done in a Day" team had it pretty much under control. While touring the home, we stepped out back and viewed the home's back patio. We immediately realized how to use our manpower and resources, and it would be to add life to the patio and pool area and make it much more inviting, comfortable and useful to the girls.

With only a few short weeks to work with, we visited the home on a weekend prior to the actual project and did an initial clean up. We had volunteers to help power wash the patio and deck, and we spent a day weeding, raking up leaves and brush in the backyard, and planting some lush, tropical plants along patio screen.

With a vision of brightening up the brown, dingy-feeling porch and gazebo area, we were hoping to paint dull brown tables and benches a bright, lime green, add pillow cushions, dress up the patio with plants, bright cheerful lounge chairs, pool rafts, decorations and a new, shiny grill.

We also wanted to give each of the girls a gift bag with a new bathing suit and pool towel to call their own. With a budget of $500, we knew we had to be deliberate with our purchases and we quickly hit the pavement asking for donations. We were thrilled to see various members of our community contribute to the cause and offer the following donations:

  • $25 Gift Card from Walmart
  • $25 Gift Card from Lowes
  • $75 Gift Card from Target
  • Deck Sealer
  • Tropical plants and flowers
  • A brand new grill
  • Parts and Installation to Fix Broken Screen
  • Bathing suit for each girl
  • Pool/Beach towel for each girl ($70) Monogramming of girls' names on individual towels ($60)

The day of the project came and we went to work. We painted the gazebo bench and an additional bench from brown to lime green. We sanded and spray painted existing patio table from brown to bright green, and freshened up existing faded, peach chairs with a glossy white spray paint. We added curtain panels to the gazebo area and also covered the entry way to an open utility closet with matching curtains. We had a broken screen replaced, set up bright chairs, added pillows and cushions, table clothes and placemats, outdoor lights and decorations, laid mulch around the back and side screens, and set up the new grill. We then placed individual bags out for each of the girls with their monogrammed towel showing on the front.

We got to witness two of the girls come home and view their new outdoor living space, and we were so excited to see their faces light up! They both wanted to put on their suits and jump in the pool! We truly enjoyed the project and hope the girls enjoy their pool area and gazebo!!! 

View the makeover photos on our facebook account by clicking here. 

JLMC Spring 2012 Provisional Class Photo at Annual Dinner

 Manatee Children's Coalition Receives Living Room Renovation From JLMC Fall 2011 New Member Class

By Beth Trent

The Junior League of Manatee County's 2011 Fall Provisional (new member) class selected ManateeChildren's Services, Inc.'s Group Home as their project. The Emergency Shelter Program provides immediate assistance, safety, housing, clothing, personal hygiene items, and transportation to children ages 6-17 years, who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, abandonment, and/or neglect.

They selected the common area as our main focus. The provisional class purchased and gathered items to make this family room a warm, safe and loving environment for kids that need to know someone does care about their well-being. They had many donors from the community: Wade's Carpet donated tile and found one of his contractors Bryan Fellows to do the installation. Tracy Negoshian, Inc. donated paint, blinds, window treatment, entertainment chairs, area rug, pillows and throws. Sherwin Williams donated paint, Lowes donated a gift card, and Panera donated food for our volunteers.

This experience has been very rewarding for our provisional class because it brought us together to share our talents and make a difference in our community. The completion of the room is bitter sweet. The time we have devoted to work on our project will hopefully bring great joy. As chair I will miss the time that we have spent working so closely together. We plan on a private ribbon cutting with pictures to share next month. We can't wait to share our final project. Thank you to our donors, volunteers and the support of our league.   

More information on the Manatee Children's Services, Inc's Group Home: The Emergency Shelter Program provides immediate assistance, safety, housing, clothing, personal hygiene items, and transportation to children ages 6-17 years, who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, abandonment, and/or neglect. The program provides a structured environment and an individual plan of care for each child in order to facilitate emotional health and stabilization. Each plan addresses specific needs including guidance, role modeling, social skills, tutoring, behavior management, education, and recreational activities.The goal of the Emergency Shelter Program is to provide an environment that is safe and consistent with the mission of the agency.

JLMC 2011 Fall Provisional Class Photo

Manatee Children's Coalition Receives Homework Room Renovation From JLMC Spring 2011 New Member Class 

The Junior League of Manatee County's Spring 2011 class chose to give back to the Manatee Children's Coalition, a foster home which helps a multitude of local teens.  The home operates with a dual purpose by housing a group of foster children who reside as permanent residents and also as a temporary emergency shelter.

After months of planning and fundraising, four provisional members renovated an undefined 14x14 spare foot space in the center of the home which adjoins the permanent foster children and the children who are temporarily placed.   The provisional class decided upon a literacy focus as the central theme of their renovation.  They wanted the room to provide a welcoming space where teens could successfully do their homework or select a current and interesting book from the built-in and freshly painted bookshelves.

The majority of the renovation took place a weekend in late April.  While the provisional class was small in number, they powered through with the assistance of family, friends and other Junior League members to create a spectacular reading room that the teens received with tremendous excitement.

The welcoming reading room was updated fashionably with fresh paint, window treatments, comfortable shag carpeting, stylish chandelier-style lighting, table and chairs, additional book shelves, bench seating, stylish framed artwork, educational games, and a vast collection of classics and modern teen literature.

View the makeover photos online on our facebook account by clicking here.

JLMC Spring 2011 Provisional Class


Foster Family Receives Kid Bedroom Makeovers From 2010 Fall JLMC New Member Class

By Denise Mueller

The Junior League of Manatee County fall provisional class chose to give back to a foster family that has helped hundreds of kids in our community for over thirty years. After months of planning and fundraising, 11 provisional members renovated two bedrooms where up to six foster kids stay. This foster family welcomes sibling groups, under the age of 8, that are normally hard to place in foster care. Donations were accumulated during the fall months. The majority of the renovation took place during a weekend in early December. The kids' dressers were repaired beforehand. The group worked closely with the foster mom throughout the whole process. The provisional class aimed to help the foster family create a more uniform environment to minimize sibling rivalry. And finally the class wanted to give the foster kids fun, colorful, and bright rooms they could retreat to.

Five of the six wooden dressers were painted a bright, uniform white while the insides of the drawers were painted bright colors. The dresser hardware and pulls were repaired or replaced. The sixth wooden dresser was replaced with a new white dresser that matched the repaired ones. The dressers were taken home with a provisional member to be repaired during the fundraising process.

New colorful bedding that matched across all the beds and fresh paint for the walls was donated. The new wall art depicts cheerful and bright beach scenes. All of the art was sturdy, canvas based or framed without glass. Closets for costumes and dress up, clothes, toys, and school supplies were all neatly organized. One new and one gently used mattress was donated. Two bookcases and two bean bags were donated.

View the makeover photos online at our facebook account by clicking here.

A near complete list of donations and contributions are as follows:

12'x12' bedroom that hosts up to 2 foster kids:
Holes in the wall were repaired and filled in
Fresh paint on the walls
2 sets of new bedding for the bunk bed including:
2 twin flat sheets
2 twin fitted sheets
2 duvets
2 duvet covers
2 pillows
2 Closets were sorted and organized
(1st)wooden dresser & mirror repaired & repainted
(2nd)wooden dresser repaired & repainted
2 accordion closet doors repaired and repainted
2 pieces of artwork for the walls
1 new curtain valance
1 new 12” tv with dvd player
1 new bean bag chair
1 new bookcase
1 new toy storage unit
12'x16' bedroom that hosts up to 4 foster kids
Holes in the wall were repaired and filled in
Fresh paint on the walls
3 sets of new bedding for 2 bunk beds* including
3 twin flat sheets
3 twin fitted sheets
3 duvets
3 duvet covers
3 pillows
2 Closets were sorted and organized
(3rd)wooden dresser repaired & repainted
(4th)wooden dresser repaired & repainted
(5th)wooden dresser repaired & repainted
(6th) wooden dresser replaced with a new dresser
3 pieces of artwork for the walls
2 new curtain valances
1 new book case
1 new shoe storage unit
1 new ceiling fan and light
2 new closet doors
3 new cloth storage boxes
1 new bean bag chair
JLMC Fall Provisional Class 2010

 Past Provisional Projects

2012-2013 - SOLVE Maternity Home Office-Bedroom Conversion

2012 Spring Class - Group Home for Foster Kids Patio/Pool Area [photos]

2011 Fall Class - Manatee Children's Coalition Emergency Shelter Living Room

2011 Spring Class - Manatee Children’s Coalition Emergency Shelter Homework Room [photos]

2010 Fall Class - Foster Family Kids Bedrooms [photos]

2009-2010 - Manatee Glens Rape Crisis Center central areas [photos]

2008-2009 - Safe Children Coalition meeting rooms

2007-2008 - Children’s Academy Art Room

2006-2007 - Art Barn

2005-2006 - Family Resource Center


2003-2004 - Renovation of a home belonging to Manatee County’s foster children program

2002-2003 - Renovation of the Salvation Army’s Women and Children’s Homeless Shelter

2001-2002 - Renovation of Manatee County’s Runaway Shelter

2000-2001 - Renovated, decorated, and provided equipment for the computer lab/training building of the Women’s Resource Center on Manatee Avenue

1999-2000 - Refurbished H.O.P.E Shelter, Updated office and living space of S.O.L.V.E. House

1998-1999 - Refurbished exhibits at the South Florida Museum’s Discovery Place

1997-1998 - Grandma’s Closet, Sneakers for Kids, and Career Speaking

1996-1997 - Rejuvenation of the 13th Avenue Community Center’s Reading and Activity Room

1995-1996 - Renovated and landscaped the recreation yard at the Adolescent Recovery Center of Manatee Glens

1994-1995 - Decorated the new trailer at Manatee Nursery School

1993-1994 - Renovated the Public Health Department Children’s waiting room with a rain forest theme

1992-1993 - 

1991-1992 - PACE Center for Girls

1990-1991 - Renovation of the Teen Room at the West Bradenton Girls’ Club

1990-1991 - Development of a Children’s Corner with play activities at the Rural Health Service Clinic in Parrish


1988-1989 - Renovation of the Hope of Manatee County shelter’s kitchen

1987-1988 - Created a simulated apartment at Joe Berta Bullock School for Handicapped as their Provisional project

1986-1987 - Renovated the family room of the shelter home for abused children

1985-1986 - Game room on Pediatric Floor of Manatee Memorial Hospital refurbished