Community Impact

Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentoring kicked off on November 15th with a Thanksgiving Dinner! Thank you to Lakewood Ranch Medical Center for donating a wonderful, cooked turkey and so many delicious desserts! The dinner was delicious! Committee members brought in side dishes to complement the donation. After dinner, one of the girls wanted to play 'Headbanz'. This was so much fun, and a great way to break the ice. 

There are currently 6 girls at the Girls Group Home operated by Manatee Children's Services. The girls are in Middle School and High School. This is the same house that the Youth Night committee renovated the bedrooms (which still look fantastic!) 

 Our goal this year is to plan fun events that will introduce the girls to new ideas, hobbies, and things to do. We really want to create wonderful memories for them. To aid in our planning, we created a fun questionnaire asking 'Have you ever...', and 'Would you like to?'. The girls could circle Yes/No/Maybe

 The activities we asked them about were:

  • Have You Ever Gone Camping?
  • Have You Ever Gone Ice Skating?
  • Have You Ever Had a Beauty/Hair/Fashion Makeover?
  • Have You Ever Learned to Knit?
  • Have You Ever Made a Gingerbread House?
  • Have You Ever Learned the Manual Settings on a Camera?
  • Have You Ever Painted with Watercolor, or Oil Paints?
  • Have You Ever Surfed on a Horse?
  • Have You Ever Learned Professional Woman Skills [Etiquette, Table Settings & Fine Art of Thank You Notes] 
  • Have You Ever Made an Awesome Handmade Gift? 
  • Have You Ever Done Serious Tree Climbing?

Their responses were overwhelmingly positive. For December we will teach them how to 'Make an Awesome Handmade Gift' and we will 'Make a Gingerbread House.' The December event is on the 20th. January we plan to take them ice skating, but have not finalized a date yet.